Table 2

Individual and organisational stress management interventions

Reported as an
effective intervention
n = 27
n = 13
n = 11
Individual: psychological interventions533
    1-2-1 therapy, counselling
    Intranet/internet counselling
    Complementary therapy
    Helpline/telephone coaching
Individual: education110
    Organisational skills courses
    Assertiveness training
Organisational: management practices2087
    Supportive, approachable, appreciative
    Frequent business/staff meetings
    2-way feedback
Organisational: organisational team culture1656
    Space for discussion
    Dialogue group
    Pre-/post- group
    Notice board
Organisational: working structure1004
    Balanced working hours
    Fixed days off
    Well-planned shifts
Organisational: education1444
    Educational/training courses
    Inset days
Organisational: environment932
    Open-plan office
    Relaxation room
    Working room
Organisational: health promotion510
    Gym membership
    Health promotion courses
    Health promotion activities such as head massage and exercise
  • NGO, non-governmental organisation; TOIL, time off in lieu.