Table 1

Causes of stress at work

Main causes of stressPublic
n = 27
n = 13
n = 11
Working conditions221010
    Physical environment/noise
    Lack of structure in working hours
Type/nature of job20119
    Dealing with clients
    Unpredictability, unexpected difficulties
    High responsibility/demands
Management practices13109
    Unrealistic demands, pressure, conflicting role, effort–reward imbalance
    Lack of support/appreciation, unfair treatment
    No participation in decision-making, lack of transparency
    Poor communication
Life events1155
    Work–life balance
    Family/personal issues
    Unexpected life events, sickness
Financial factors/problems123
    Pay/benefits, lack of appreciation in salary
    Money-making goals
    Job insecurity
  • NGO, non-governmental organisation.