Table 3

Contacts with FACT team compared with previous service (ACT or CMHT)

Previous teamACT (n = 95)CMHT (n = 380)
Face-to-face contacts per week:
    Duration, minutes: mean64.8038.13<0.0001a26.3825.330.5544a
    By support worker: mean0.250.290.3941a0.070.15<0.0001a
    By support worker: %21.4542.60<0.0001b14.1833.86<0.0001b
    In the community: mean0.740.510.0001a0.250.290.0314a
    In the community: %63.8173.730.0001b52.4263.85<0.0001b
CRHT use
    People with any face-to-face
    contact: n (mean)
28 (0.29)16 (0.17)0.0023a128 (0.34)88 (0.23)<0.0001a
    Face-to-face contacts: mean5.831.940.0237a7.142.83<0.0001a
    Duration of face-to-face contacts
    per person, minutes: mean
    People with any telephone or
    face-to-face contact: n (mean)
29 (0.31)23 (0.24)0.1584a134 (0.35)119 (0.31)0.0190a
Hospital use
    Days in hospital: mean31.7625.860.7413c19.3412.350.0006c
    Admissions: mean0.200.120.0776c0.250.180.0535c
    People with any admission: n15110.3458b71520.0388b
  • ACT, assertive community treatment; CMHT, community mental health team; FACT, flexible assertive community treatment.

  • a. 2-tailed paired t-test.

  • b. Monte Carlo permutation test.

  • c. 2-tailed Wilcoxon.

  • P>0.0288 not significant (after Benjamini–Hochberg correction).