Table 1

Type and quality of studies in the final sample

Badger (2009)8MCAMultiple qualitative methodsNo3/4
Badger & Parnell (2009)9MCAMultiple qualitative methodsNo2/4
Jevon (2014)10AWIAQuantitative surveyNo2/4
Jingree (2015)11MCAQualitative interviewsYes4/4
Killeen & Myers (2004) Ch. 412AWIAMixed-methods – quantitative survey and qualitative interviewsNo2/4
Killeen & Myers (2004) Ch. 513AWIAQualitative interviewsNo2/4
Manthorpe et al (2012)14MCAQualitative interviewsYes4/4
Mental Welfare Commission (2011)15AWIAQualitative interviewsNo2/4
Myron et al (2008)16MCAMixed-methods – questionnaires and qualitative interviewsNo1/4
Samsi & Manthorpe (2011)17MCAQualitative interviewsYes4/4
Samsi & Manthorpe (2013)18MCAQualitative interviewsYes4/4
Williams et al (2012)19MCAMixed-methods – quantitative survey and qualitative interviewsNo2/4
  • AWIA, Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000; MCA, Mental Capacity Act 2005; MMAT, Multi-Methods Appraisal Tool.