Table 2

Aims and participants in studies in the final sample

StudyActResearch aimPopulation contextParticipants
Badger (2009)8MCAExplore decision-makingIntellectual disability27 participants: 2 staff and 1 family member for each
of 9 disabled adults in 3 settings (none of the
9 disabled adults directly involved)
Badger & Parnell
MCAExplore decision-makingNot described24 participants: 6 disabled adults with 2 staff
and 1 family member for each
Jevon (2014)10AWIAAssess experiences
of guardians
Not described193 welfare guardians (27% response rate)
Jingree (2015)11MCAExplore decision-makingIntellectual disability15 support workers from a single service
Killeen & Myers
(2004) Ch. 412
AWIAExplore power of
attorney and
intromission with funds
General public3 individuals who had made a power of attorney
and 5 individuals who had applied for intromission
with funds (8% response rate)
Killeen & Myers
(2004) Ch. 513
AWIAUnderstand the
operation of
Mixed58 professionals, carers, and adults with incapacity
involved in 13 guardianship cases – exact composition
not reported
Manthorpe et al
MCAAssess links between
personal and professional
experiences of dementia
Dementia123 professionals
(70 of whom had experience as carers)
Mental Welfare
Commission (2011)15
AWIAAssess experiences
of guardians and
Not described58 welfare guardians (family or carer)
et al (2008)16
MCAAssess staff, family and
patient knowledge
of capacity
Mixed73 staff, 20 disabled adults, and 6 carers
Samsi &
Manthorpe (2011)17
MCAUnderstand how older
people planned for their
General public37 self-identified ‘well’ people aged over 50 years
Samsi &
Manthorpe (2013)18
MCAExplore decision-makingDementia12 dementia dyads
(person with dementia plus their carer)
Williams et al
MCAExplore decision-makingMixed385 participants, mostly professionals –
5 interviews from the perspective of carers
  • AWIA, Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000; MCA, Mental Capacity Act 2005.