Table 2

Total referral and case-load activity for enhanced primary care (EPC)

At 31 July 2015At 29 February 2016At 30 October 2016
Active case-load, n
    City & Hackney510547633
    Tower Hamlets375473618
    Total n137015771861
Referrals considered, total n
    EPC – Trust wide281040825286
Refused/not suitable, n
    EPC – Trust wide480576633
Received EPC service, n
    City & Hackney95513171635
    Tower Hamlets58810031570
    Total n233035064653
EPC transfer to primary care, n
    City & Hackney384675939
    Tower Hamlets149385594
    Total n71715252238
Transfer back to secondary care, n
    City & Hackney6595177
    Tower Hamlets4894160
    Total n233353564